NA K Series

Water Cooling DRW - Dusenrost Grid

System / Grid Water Circuit
System separates the combustion air delivered by the ventilator as primary and secondary air which is injected to the combustion chamber via air nozzles. The cooling water circulating in the grid system extends the life of the grid. The heat absorbed during the circulation by the cooling water contributes as useful energy since it will be connected to the main heating circuit of the boiler system.

Radiation Heat transfer
Heat is transferred mainly by radiation and consequently by conduction, thus enabling high performance and compact dimensions in erensan boilers.

Gas turbulators swirl the hot smoke gases in the boiler tubes and provides extended contact for better heat transfer to the water. Since the turbulators will increase the speed of the combustion gases by inducing turbulence flow, the tendency of condensation is drained away with high speed gases ,thus protecting the boiler against acid corrosion.

Automatic Control
Heating in conventional coal boilers is directly proportional to the amount of coal fed to the boiler just like in stoves. Over loading, results in unnecessary heating and loss of energy. However your Erensan boiler adjusts the speed of the combustion with automatic fan control even when the boiler is excessively fed by coal.
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